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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Influenster Rose Voxbox prizes

So whenever you are selected for a voxbox, each brand has certain challenges you must complete in order for you to earn the badge and one of the incentives is winning a top brand badge prize. When I did the Rose voxvox I made sure I completed all of the challenges for all of the brands for a chance to win a prize from each brand but two of the brands were guaranteed prized if you just completed all of the challenges. I earned the badge prize from Kiss and Rimmel and both of the prizes were very generous and awesome.

Here are my guaranteed prizes!!

If you are interested in winning great prizes like these I must inform you that it does take time and work. You can currently sign up on the Influenster website without waiting for an invite but choose your 5 badges wisely and do the surveys and leave reviews for products you have tried. Don't get discouraged if you are not selected to try a voxbox because your chance will come, just stay active on the site and answer questions or leave reviews, join the twitter parties and so on.

My makeup Vanity

So I recently splurged on a makeup vanity that I saw online at Target. I had been searching everywhere online for a vanity and either couldn't find one that I liked or couldn't find one in my price range. Some of the vanities that I liked were:
These vanities although gorgeous are much more then I could afford. All three of these vanities are from Pottery Barn Teen and ridiculously overpriced . But that storage space each of these vanities offer are to die for that's for sure. 

Well anyway I settled for a much cheaper and smaller vanity that was more ideal to my current available space, my vanity happens to share a room with my over sized office desk that I rarely use now that I usually sit on the couch with my laptop. 

Benefit Cosmetics haul

I decided to splurge on their build your own kit and I am so happy that I did. I love everything that I got and can't wait to splurge some more on their products.
 This stuff is simply amazing. If you have not tried That Gal you are missing out. This is by far one of the best primers that I have ever tried

 This is their powder shadow in Nude Swings and it is simply beautiful and goes on nicely.

Birchbox January and February 2014

So I decided to break down and give Birch Box a try mainly because I liked the idea of collecting points to buy more expensive products that I can't afford to just shell out at once. I have only had it for two months and I must say that after reading the many complaints about people always getting tea I was disappointed that I haven't received any yet. I know it sounds crazy but I like tea and I like trying a wide range of tea. But anyways on to my BB's.

 This is what I received in my January box. I wasn't all too thrilled with it, I felt like it was poorly put together and I highly dislike getting shampoo and conditioner as two separate products rather them being combined to equal one product.

Ipsy February glam bag 2014

So I just received my February glam bag the other day and I was really super excited to get it because this months bag really hit the spot on all my favorite beauty products. With most of my bags there are at least 2-3 products that I do not look forward too but I finally got the perfect bag where I will actually use everything in it!!

This months theme is called "The look of love" well it is February so go figure they would use that as this months theme. ;)