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Saturday, February 15, 2014

My makeup Vanity

So I recently splurged on a makeup vanity that I saw online at Target. I had been searching everywhere online for a vanity and either couldn't find one that I liked or couldn't find one in my price range. Some of the vanities that I liked were:
These vanities although gorgeous are much more then I could afford. All three of these vanities are from Pottery Barn Teen and ridiculously overpriced . But that storage space each of these vanities offer are to die for that's for sure. 

Well anyway I settled for a much cheaper and smaller vanity that was more ideal to my current available space, my vanity happens to share a room with my over sized office desk that I rarely use now that I usually sit on the couch with my laptop. 

It's painted silver and is actually pretty cute. It holds almost all my makeup too!

 I put it together and piled all of my makeup on top so I can get it all organized. If you can see the little dresser on the right that is where I previously kept my makeup. That little dresser has two drawers but it now sits in a corner of my living room with my kids games and coloring books.
 I was sad to discover that the drawers were too short for those pretty purple drawer organizers I had so I had to come up with another solution. My solution? using my previous BB boxes. Ahh well I guess those BB boxes had some good use after all.  ;)
 Here's another angle of my new vanity. You can see all the palettes I have piled on there.
 So I sort of organized all of my make-up. I put all the eyeliners and lip pencils in one BB lid, mascaras and primers in another, primers, bronzer and my new beauty blender on another. In the back is a box with some powders, more face primers and liquid foundations. I have my newest Benefit products kind of chilling in the middle, they are small deluxe samples and are absolutely amazing.
 This drawer with the exception of the POREfessional primer sample, is my eye shadow drawer. I have a ton of palettes and small shadows stacked to the top. I love love love eye shadow as you can see, it needed it's own drawer.
 Not sure where I got this christmas tree tray from but it works well for holding my current daily essentials. These are all the products that I am using on a daily basis as well as my BH cosmestics Forever Nude makeup palette.
This is by far one of the best palettes that I have ever bought. I also bought the sister palette to this one called Forever Glam palette
 See the pretties? If you are looking for some inexpensive makeup I highly suggest BH Cosmetics. They have sales galore all the time and these two palettes happen to be on sale for $11.95 each right now. If you miss the sale just subscribe to their email alerts and wait for them to go on sale again which they do often. I actually purchased both palette for $20. I was introduced to BH Cosmetics through Ipsy and I am so glad I did.

This is my tower of nail polish. I bought a glass vase at Dollar Tree and filled it up with all my favorite nail polishes. I have several of these vases filled with polishes and I find it a great way to display them. The little purple set of drawers I also purchased at Dollar Tree and the top drawer contains some random beauty items that I don't really use but like to keep just in case and the bottom drawer holds lipglosses and lipsticks.

I have a feeling that I may need to either upgrade to a bigger vanity in the future or get some other storage solutions to hold my makeup in because I happen to be an addict, I buy makeup even when I don't need it but just because I feel I need too. So I will be on the lookout for other inspirational photos others have shared.

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