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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September IPSY glam bag Classic Beauty *UPDATED*

My glam bag arrived this afternoon!! I was really excited to see that pretty pink envelope sitting on the porch.

Classic beauty is this months theme. 
 John Frieda full repair shampoo and conditioner a little disappointed that these count as two items. Honestly I feel a little jipped this month. But hey at least they sent me the shampoo and conditioner instead of one or the other. 

NYX eye shadow in velvet suede  I like this color, on me though not so much. Maybe if I paired it with some other blue hues it would look better but the colors I have do not really go well with this NYX shadow. 


Starlooks Kohl eye pencil  I gave this a try and I was really disappointed with this eye pencil. It did not merely last me a couple hours before it had worn off. Heck the 99 cent wet n wild eye liner tops this. I would not purchase this eye liner in the future. 

Elizabeth Mott It's so BIG mascara I gave it a try, not really all that impressed with it yet but I will be giving it another try to see how it turns out. I am not really a big fan of mascara because I don't like the clumpyness that many leave on your eyelashes.  

Here are all my goodies 


This is a sample of Michelle Phan's new Life palette, the awesome creator of Ipsy has come out with her very own makeup line. 

This is what my glam room looks like!!!! The top part shows what my glam bag contents will be. The bottom portion of the screen shot are the OR items that I will not be getting.

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