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Sunday, September 8, 2013

DIY candle holder

So I came across this candle holder project on Pinterest and I just had to give it a try.

Here is where the original pin came from

I was thankfully able to find the exact same candlestick and holder she used so that was a win win for me. There was another glass holder that I was thinking about getting but I may just go pick that one up at a later date seeing as they always have these in stock at Dollar Tree.

BTW I did try the gorilla glue and it would have worked if the candlestick was even but since it wasn't, there was gaps between the glass and I didn't feel comfortable leaving it at that so I used some hot glue and it came out wonderfully. 

I would recommend allowing it to dry on something like this silicon mat I am using. I got it at Michaels for a few dollars, it's Mod Podge! =) Love Mod Podge.

I bought this candle also at the Dollar Tree, it is apple cinnamon scented so I thought it would be a perfect fall candle. I already had the pebbles and since they were just sitting in a baggy I figured I would just dump them at the bottom until I can find something more fallish but overall I think it came out great. It was so cheap to make too. Each piece was $1 so I spent $3+ tax =)

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