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Saturday, September 7, 2013

DIY Jewelry Display

I don't know about you but I am so addicted to looking at all of the DIY projects on Pinterest.

 Here are some of my favorite jewelry displays

You can check out more of my pins on my Pinterest

But anyways....... I created my own jewelry display

This was actually a really simple project with some of the materials I already had at home. The only thing I bought was the fabric which I got at Joann's. I already had the bulletin board which I didn't use for anything other then to pin my calendar on that I rarely used anyways.

 This is a picture of the thumb tacks that I already had on had. All I did was mod podge some clear pushpins and sprinkled on some blue glitter (Martha Stewarts blueberry slush)

This is an old candle tray that I already had that was just sitting there so I used it to display some of my other jewelry that I wear often. 

This is how my jewelry is displayed. It's sitting on top of a black bookshelf, I would of taken a picture of all of it but my shelves are a little messy because I am in the process of organizing all my stuff. I currently am using the plastic three drawer storage to hold some hair stuff, make-up that I don't wear often and random things like buttons and batteries apparently. =)

So all the materials that I used is:

A bulletin board
mod podge

All I did was spread on some mod podge on the bulletin board and placed the fabric on using an old credit card to push out any wrinkles or bubbles and I mod podged then glittered the pushpins. 

I am overall satisfied with my project! What do you think? 

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