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Monday, September 2, 2013

Family Home Management Binder

I don't know how I came across this on pinterest but I did and I invested a lot of time into doing it. I am now at the point where I think I am done and don't know if there is anything else that I want to change at the moment so I figured I would now share my project. I would like to start off by saying that I am a little OCD and everything has to have it's place which is why I started this binder in the first place. I use to have this plastic filing storage container that I loathed so I had been searching for an alternative.

I fell in love with this binder, it's from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.

I originally had a pink and blue binder that I purchased at Office Depot with the plastic sleeve in front to add a cover sheet but as you can see in the picture above I added a book plate on the side that I purchased for .50 at Staples (It's Martha Stewart) so I just added my cover page inside my binder and labeled the book label with "Family Binder". I put everything into sheet protectors so I don't have to print off multiple copies. I have my binder broken up into 5 different sections. 

When you open the binder you will see that I have a pencil pouch that I purchased for $1 at the dollar store, I actually purchased it a while ago with no intent to use it but I figured I would need it one day so this was a win for me. It contains post- it notes, stamps, labels, highlighters, flash drive, a pen, a dry erase marker, some address labels for any out going mail I need to send, a pair of scissors (not that I really need it) and some white out (not in the case right now). I use these items pretty frequently in my binder which is why I have all of these items in there. I use the dry erase marker so I can write on the plastic sheet covers and wipe away as much as I want. 

This is the cover page that I made myself. I wanted something simple and I couldn't find anything online for free.

1st section contains all of my families daily/weekly information such as important dates, school schedule, daily information and the weekly meal planners.

This is an important dates printable that I found online. I got this printable from and she also has other printables available for download that could also be used in a family binder.

I thought this page was really cute. I was bummed to learn that the lady who created this printable also had family binder printables available for free download last year and I missed out but she does have the awesome printables available in her Etsy shop. This particular printable is available under her free printables section right now so I would download it now in case it's no longer available. Here is the link to her page

Also found in the first section of my binder is my son's school schedule so I know when all of his half days and no school days are.

Honestly I have not found a meal planner that I absolutely love but these are cute ones so I am using them until I create my own. The first meal plan I got from and the one on the bottom is from

My 3rd section contains Insurance and utility information, I do not have any fancy printable for this section but I will try and add one in this post soon.

My 4th section is where I have all my finance information. I have a couple budget printables that I use to keep my finances in order. I created my own debt payoff worksheet but I downloaded and printed the monthly budget printable from the budget mama (this is the one that you see below my debt payoff worksheet).

 The 5th section contains miscellaneous information such as my Websites that inspire, account passwords, favorite books, etc.....

Well this concludes my family management binder. I also have a file storage box that I purchased from Target where I keep all of my family personal information like birth certificates, social security card, pay stubs, medical bills, school information, tax stuff........

I got one of these for $14.99 and it even came with some hanging file folders.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest Board on organization for other printables and organizing idea's.

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