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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Que bella detoxifying dead sea mud mask review

As I was casually walking up and down all the aisles of Target Health and Beauty section (like I always do) I caught glimpse of these little packets and the detoxifying dead sea mask one really captured my interest so I bought it. These packets range from 1.97-2.50 each and they have several different kinds. It's 80% natural ingredients but read over the ingredients thoroughly if you have any allergies. 

I didn't want to give my kids nightmares so I waited to give it a go till after they went to bed. It says to cleanse your face with warm water then apply the mask and enjoy for up to 15 minutes. So I did just that and it was a very pleasant experience. The mask was easy to apply, did not need to massage the packet in my hands before opening and it goes on with a light blue hue. It felt kind of cool on my face which was really nice and it smells good too. It did not irritate my skin at all and I had a lot left so I put it in a ziplock baggie and have used it a couple more times with plenty left for a couple more! The mask dried nicely and didn't harden to the point where I couldn't move my face which was really nice. I really liked how refreshed and smooth my face looked after I rinsed it all off.  I would definitely buy this again.

I did buy another packet from the same line but I have not had a chance to give it a try yet but I will for sure make a review for when I do. 

If you want to check out the Que Bella site you can do so HERE 

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