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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My everyday Beauty must haves

Alright so I do try on and wear a lot of different makeup. I have recently made makeup purchases and have noticed that I tend to gravitate towards certain products more frequently then most. I made a little collage in picmokey (awesome site BTW), now let me say that I am not the greatest at creating collages online I am more of a hands on type of girl but I did my best and since I downloaded a bunch of free scrapbook kits I fully intend to experiment and get creative so I am not posting dull, plain or goofy looking collages.

Alright so I will start off with the eyeliner and go clockwise.
1) N.Y.C eyeliner in black. I really like this eyeliner because it actually lasts unlike many other eyeliners that I have tried. I also like that it is cheap and I can sharpen easily without feeling like I am wasting half the stick because it takes forever to sharpen and get it just right without breaking the tip and having to start over again. I use to buy Wet N' Wild but once I got to the point that I needed to sharpen it I would be sharpening like half the pencil because it wouldn't sharpen that well and it broke constantly. 

2) BH Malibu palate. I love love love all the colors of the blush and eye shadow but the pigments in the eye shadow are not as impressive as other eye shadow brands I have tried. I added this one to my list though because of the blush. I really love the blush, it gives me nice rosey yet subtle looking cheeks.

3) Urban Decay deluxe shadow box. The colors are amazing in this palate. I especially love the purple hues, they blend so nicely on my lids and it's full of pigment. I usually use a combo of fishnet, honey, ransom and scratch. 

4) Healthy Sexy hair soy renewal beach spray. The first time I sprayed this on my hair I used too much and it left my hair feeling dirty. I have since started using less and I just love the way it makes my hair wave.

5) E.L.F eye primer. I got this because it was well........ only $1. It works perfectly, I put some on my eyelids and under my eye. It decreases the dark circles under my eye and really helps my eye shadow POP on my lids. 

6) N.Y.C face primer. It looks shiny and at first I was worried that it was going to be too glittery for my face but it's not. The primer really smooths out my skin and makes my foundation last longer. I also use the N.Y.C liquid foundation. 

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