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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tips for having great skin

It took me many years to understand the importance of maintaining a routine for healthy skin. Now that I am getting closer to my thirties I am starting to see things change on my face, body and even my hair. I use to laugh whenever I received a free sample for some wrinkle cream or other products that I just associated with much older women. I honestly didn't realize how soon I would need those types of products but I have started to take much better care of myself on the outside just like I have on the inside. 

1) Diet- Eat fruits rich in color that are full of antioxidants like Blueberries. Red, yellow and green vegetables. Fish full of omega-3's is also beneficial. Avoid salty foods because the sodium will retain water in your body. Try to not overdue alcohol and caffeine as it will dehydrate you. Most importantly, drink plenty PLENTY of water. You should be consuming at least 9 cups a day but really water intake varies from person to person so looking up a calculator might be beneficial. 

2) Get plenty of sleep. 

3) Exercise.

4)  Exfoliate-  My favorite products are both from St. Ives. I highly recommend them!!

5) Moisturize- very important. I have sensitive skin mainly on my legs and arms so it took me awhile to find a really good moisturizer. I recommend two different kinds that have both worked wonderfully for me. I also noticed that once I started moisturizing twice a day that I didn't need to shave as much so that was really a bonus. 

6) SPF!!!! I can not stress this enough, you need to use it like every single day even in winter. One good tip is to use some SPF moisturizer mixed with some foundation and spread on your face. This way you are doing a few important beauty regimen steps all at once.

These tips are my own and they are part of my everyday routine. If I have left anything out which is possible (mommy brain) then I will update with some other tips. If anyone has any tips that are part of their routine feel free to share.

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