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Monday, May 27, 2013

So I got bored one day and really wanted to glitter something. I bought a few colors that I liked and decided to put some to use. Since I had a couple mason jars just laying around and a couple votive candle holders I thought why not glitter them? And so I did.

Here are my supplies

I am using Martha Stewart iridescent glitter in Jelly Bean, blueberry slush and sugar plum.

*supplies not shown: paper plate/newspaper to rest your jars on and craft stick for mixing.

The steps are really simple. First add enough mod podge to cover whatever jar/candle holder you are working with. You can pour this right into the jar itself but you also want to add a ton of glitter. Once you pour in the glitter use a craft stick to blend it all together and add more glitter if you feel it's necessary. Then you just tilt/twist/turn your jar all around making sure every area is fully covered and if you have a lot extra you can add it into another jar or you could put it into a little plastic container (I found some in the mod podge section at Michaels as part of the Mod Podge supplies) for a later use. Once your jar is fully covered just put it upside down on newspaper or a paper plate and leave it for a couple hours then turn it upright for another couple hours until it is fully dry. You want to make sure it is fully dry and nothing is going to stick, I put my makeup brushes in one of the jars I did and they stuck to the bottom. 

Here are my finished jars!

and my votive candle holders

You can use these glittered jars for whatever you want. I used one for my make up brushes and the other for a fake flower arrangement and they are absolutely adorable.  

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