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Friday, October 18, 2013

Coastal Scents mini haul

One thing that I like to do when I get my glam bag is to check out the deals from the products that I receive in my glam bag. Coastal Scents is new to me so I checked it out and what really appealed to me was the ability to buy samples to try before spending a ton of money on a product I may not like. The samples are very reasonably priced and I even got a little gift for making a purchase. Also if you subscribe you earn 300 points which equals to $3.00 off.

The unwrapping of my order

Cool Sticker they threw in there. 

I love how they put everything in this little black bag!

Foundation sample in Ivory (price detail at bottom of post)

Blush sample in Blossom (price detail at bottom of post)

 Eye shadow in Chocolate Berry. I also purchased the little black pod for the eye shadow to go in.

Lip Affection in Charming Cherry

And my free eye shadow sample in Caribbean Bliss

Hot Pot - Chocolate Cherry = $1.95
Lip Affection - Charming Cherry = $.95
Mineral foundation - Ivory = $.49
Mineral Blush - Blossom = $.49
Go Pod = $1.95

Sub Total= $5.83
    +   25% discount code CS25
    + S & H = 3.38
    - Reward points = $3.00

    Grand Total = $4.75

Not bad I'd say!

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