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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Purse organization

So I came across this website for these cute little bags made for your purse called Purse Pod.
But for the price I said forget about it and thought, you know with all of these makeup bags that I get from Ipsy I should actually use them instead of tossing them all into a box. The reason why I don't use them for my makeup is because I have so much that I wear on a daily basis that these cute little bags from Ipsy just don't work. So I made my own version of a "purse pod" and the really awesome things is that I can change my "purse pod" every month when I get a new bag. So here is my version of a "purse pod".

Right now my contents consists of:
hand lotion
nail clippers/nail files
hand sanitizer
Baby lips lip balm

I did not include band-aids because being a mom I need more then just band-aids so I bought this cute little first aid kit at Bed Bath and Beyond for less then $5 to keep in my purse. 

There are tons of other things that you can add into yours to suit your needs. I really like that some of the products that I get form Ipsy can easily be added to the little bag like the sunscreen. You can pick up travel size supplies from just about anywhere but my favorite place to get them is at Bed Bath and Beyond because they have such a large selection of products. 

Here are the contents of my purse. I have my sunglasses, the medi buddy, my receipt file that I got at Target for $1, my Greenroom planner that I also purchased at Target, my version of a "purse pod", my keys, work badge and my ear buds. 

And here is everything fitting nicely in my purse because I hate when I can never find anything. 

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