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Friday, July 19, 2013

The sort of make-up virgin =)

Alright so I have a confession to make!!!!!!

I am a sort of make-up virgin. I know this may sound a little silly but seriously! I have been wearing the same types of make-up products (I do change up the brands) for the past 15 years =O

My make-up bag consists of foundation (liquid and powder), black eye-liner and some eye shadow. I pretty much blow dry my hair hair and straighten it daily, which is bad I know. I don't dye my hair much anymore and in fact I think it has been over 6-7 years since I have dyed my hair. I am 27 going on 28 at the end of August and I am starting to see grey hairs =(. This is one of the reasons why I decided to subscribe to Ipsy. I only pay $10 a month to receive deluxe and full size products to try which is awesome because this way I get to test new products that I may not have bought in the store since make-up can be pretty expensive.

Ugh ok so I know I may have had some sort of negative feedback about the Soy Renewal Beach spray BUT I have to admit that it has really grown on me, I almost finished the sample bottle that I received so I decided to buy some more but this time it will be a much bigger bottle.

Since I have been wearing this almost all week I have had several co-workers compliment me on my hair which is really flattering because I feel like I have boring mom hair. It is starting to get a little long but trust me I have a very good reason to let my hair grow out. Once a year, usually in January, I donate my hair to Wigs for Kids. I do this as a way to support and honor my sister, she is 12 and was first diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 7. She has never had to go through chemo but she has had a lot of radiation and over this past year had to lose her hair. It has since started to grow back and although it is very very short it looks so good on her that I wish she would keep it that way but she really wants to have her long blonde locks back. 

Sorry, I traveled off here for a little but I just had to share it! Anyways while I was shopping on the Ulta site for the soy renewal beach spray I also decided to buy myself a eye shadow palette. 
There are some wild colors on this palette but I always buy neutral colors so this will be kind of fun to explore new looks and I am very excited to give it a try. I also got this on sale. It was originally $38 but I bought it for $10!!!! Holy crap that is cheap and I also got a free gift which I selected at checkout. It looks like a variety sample pack of different beauty samples which sounds fun. 

If you want to check out the site I explored and purchased these products from CLICK HERE. There are a lot of really good deals going on right now so don't miss out!! 

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