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Monday, July 15, 2013

It finally arrived!!!!!!

I am so excited to announce that my Ipsy bag arrived today!!!!!! I was starting to go crazy refreshing my yahoo hoping to see a new email from Ipsy giving me my tracking info. Well that never happened but instead I headed upstairs to see the pretty pink envelope sitting on the dining room table. My eyes lit up instantly, I was so in shock I guess because I didn't tear through the packaging right away. Instead I got my camera ready on my phone to start taking pics lol. As promised I received everything that I was suppose too on my glam room page which I had previously posted. This months theme was called "Beach Beauty".

So for my review on the products:
The COOLA moisturizer. I have never used this product before so I was unsure of what to expect but I gave it a try. I only applied to one of my cheeks and I can honestly report that it went on nicely and left that area of my cheek moisturized. 

The Benetint was really pleasant, it smells like a rose in a bottle and considering how hot it was today the coolness gave my lips a chill. It has the consistency of water but it's not messy and it comes with a brush much like a nail polish brush. I brushed some on my cheeks which gave a subtle rosy look and it made my lips look plump and healthy. BTW I should warn you that it looks like blood when you put it on your skin which was a weird experience for me and it also stains your fingers.

The Soy Renewal Beach spray. It does not have a really strong scent like hairspray does, it actually smells kind of nice and fresh. I just sprayed it on my damp hair and off to work I went. I liked the waves it gave my hair and because my hair is kind of thin it gave my hair a lot of volume which was nice. I did not like however, was the way it made my hair feel. It was kind of stiff much like hairspray so I was really disappointed with that but not enough that I won't use it anymore. 

The BH cosmetics California collection. I really like the colors on this sample palette which are; Hollywood (shimmery dark purple), San Francisco (brown/taupe) and Malibu (shimmery gold). I don't really wear eye shadow though so I will have to watch some tutorials on how to apply all three shades that would work but I do have an idea. 

The Pouty pop crayon in Rose Romantic. I really like the color it's soft and subtle but it just does not look good on me. I don't really care for lipsticks because it makes my lips feel dry and I can't really rubs my lips together so this is one of the products that I will not be using........... at least not on my lips. Maybe as an blush or eye shadow? I don't know yet but I will try my best to make use of it so it doesn't just sit there. 

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