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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Black bag

I know I mentioned this on a previous post but I wanted to update and share with everyone the products that I had purchased recently. I actually got these last week but I wanted to give it some time to test the products out so I can share my take on them.

So here are the two products that I had received. 

First Aid Beauty Dual repair eye cream and
NUME Hydrating shampoo.

I really liked the eye cream. I don't get the amount of sleep I should so my eye are often baggy looking and dark. I have been looking for something to use since I don't want to keep apply makeup and I was really happy with this eye cream. It is thick but feels so nice and my eyes look so much brighter. This cream retails for $40 at Sephora.

I was very satisfied even though I was really hesitant at first with trying this shampoo out. It smells really nice and lathers up really well.  It left my hair feeling soft and hydrated which is a really good thing because I have not had time to get my hair trimmed so I have split ends. This shampoo retails for $24.99 at NuMe Style.

Overall I was happy with my purchases. I didn't have to buy these items but I did have to pay the shipping and handling. I was however a little thrown off with the size of these items, they were pretty much deluxe sample sizes but since I didn't have to pay for these items it wasn't the much of an issue.

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