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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Julep November edition

Ok so I purchased another monthly julep box. I was a little disappointed on how similar the polishes were from the last box but I really wanted to try the lip gloss so I went with Boho glam this time.

 Some unboxing

 This is the sample I received. Not too crazy to get a sample of something that I got full size last month.
 Here is the lipgloss that I really wanted to try. It is a rose color, does not apply very dark on my lips which is a plus and it has this sweet smell too it. Almost like it's good enough to eat so no complaints there. I am disappointed that it does not last long on my lips so I am sure I will run out after continuing to apply it.
 Here you can see the color. It's a little sparkly. 
 The purple/plum color is Aisha and the creamy/ivory color is Alexandra

Here is all my goodies! I am not sure if I will continue this subscription service yet, I am waiting to see what next months will look like. I always have the option of skipping a month too so I will keep that in mind as well.

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