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Sunday, October 13, 2013

October's Ipsy glam bag

First I wanted to say that I am sorry for not posting as much. I have been a little busy with school, work and life in general. Second, sorry for not making a spoilers post! I just did not have the time to even look at the spoilers this month. I did just recently (Saturday) get my glam bag and I managed to snap some pictures to share. YAY!!! Anyways here is my October's glam bag. =)

This months theme is "The Art of Beauty"

Here is a pic of the glam bag itself. It's really cute and the back side is like a blank canvas for adding your personal touch.

This is a medium shadow brush by Coastal Scents. I actually like this brush but I highly recommend washing it first, it can be a little harsh at first but cleaning it with some baby oil will help soften the bristles.

Spray Clay by Sexy Hair. I'm still a little iffy on this product. It came out really fast and hard so it's not easy to spray on your hair but I didn't mind the overall effect that it had on my hair. At first my hair felt stiff but after a few hours it was a lot more soft and my hair still held up just fine.

This is a lip pencil in Tickle me pink by Starlooks. I am not happy that I got this, I don't know how many times I have to tell Ipsy that I DO NOT WEAR LIPSTICK and that I DO NOT LIKE LIPSTICK PRODUCTS including lip pencils. *Sigh* I guess this will just have to go in my future giveaway box.

This is the mineral shimmer eye shadow in Navy by Bella Terra cosmetics. I think the color is really pretty but it's not something that I would use as an everyday wear. I am not big on blue hues, I just don't think they look all that great on me.

Next we have nail polish! This is is Zoya nail polish in Giovanna. I have always wanted to try Zoya nail polish, I have heard so many wonderful things about it and I am so pleased with the color. At first I was like green? Really? But now that I swiped it on one of my nail I actually really like it.

If you would like more info about Ipsy you can go HERE. If you decide you want to sign up and give Ipsy a try feel free to use my referral code

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